Karen The Supertrader Fraud

Karen The Supertrader Fraud Article – Here is the link:



Let’s be honest, this can happen to any trader.  We are not happy it happened to “Karen the Supertrader” who we followed for years.  A few months ago we backtested a system and showed it at our event.  Read more at the links below:


Backtest 1http://sjoptions.com/backtesting-options-strategies/

Backtest 2http://sjoptions.com/does-tastytrade-work/

Karen The Supertrader System Critiquehttp://sjoptions.com/karen-the-supertrader/


Live Events

We want to revisit this backtest and analytics to look at some of the reasons why it could happen, so we’ll be hosting some live events on the short strangle.

Also Karen, for you, at our events we will provide an optional system of how it could work.  Come to our events!  We would like to reveal it to you personally.



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