Our Guarantee

Max Safety, Max Reward


The Unique San Jose Options 10-Point Guarantee

  1. SJ Options Method™ risks less and has a higher *Realistic Probability of Profit (R-POP™) than the following option spreads: Iron Condors, Calendar Spreads, Credit Spreads, Covered Calls, Butterflies and Directional Calls and Puts.
  2. You can audit our past Trade Picks, viewing complete trade history of each trade (trades related to your membership).
  3. SJ Options Method™ has a probability of profit of 75% or higher and can achieve a 95%+ probability through our proprietary adjustment process.
  4. SJ Options Method™ has an excellent risk to reward ratio.
  5. SJ Options Method™ can work in low, medium and high volatility.
  6. SJ Options Method™ is much safer than condors, credit spreads, covered calls and others in the event of a flash crash.
  7. We will teach you how to professionally manage your trades by our proprietary Greek formulas such as the Diggit™ and the DV Ratio™ to make adjustments very simple for you.
  8. We will teach you how to use important Higher Order Greeks.
  9. We will show you how to lock in profits while maintaining a position to make even more on your trades.
  10. San Jose Options guarantees authenticity.  We have developed our strategies and adjustments 100% ourselves.  We believe we have the safest method to trade options, and you will not learn anywhere else what you will learn with us.

That’s the San Jose Options 10-Point Guarantee!

In today’s market, full of risk and volatility, we truly believe that an education at San Jose Options, Inc. is your best choice to achieve Maximum Safety and to enjoy the quality of life that each of you deserve.

Please see Terms of Use for more details on our options mentoring course.

* R-POP™, Diggit™ and DV Ratio™ are Trademarks of San Jose Options.  This is the measurement of probability of profit when a reasonable amount of risk is removed from the region included in the probability zone.  In other words, it’s the probability of profit while the trade remains safe.  We remove any areas that will result in a greater loss on the trade than a profitable trade can make.