Frequently Asked Questions
How many Trade Ideas do you run per year?

On average we do about 50 total Trade Ideas per year. These trades are divided between Core I, Core II and portfolio margin trades.

Why don't you do more trades?

Too many trades turns into a full-time job to manage, and when the markets become volatile, it can become impossible to manage.

How much do you invest into one trade?

Our Trade Ideas service trades are usually under $20,000 per trade. Trades can be done with less than $1,000 if needed. We’ll show you how in the course.

Do you just teach OTM credit spreads and rely on probability?

No. Statistics show that these many of these trades eventually lose 100% if not managed, so we do not teach this method of trading.

I've heard that some traders do many bull put spreads to diversify. Do you?

No. This can be a setup for disaster. Once the market falls quickly, every trade might experience a loss at the same time due to correlation factors. Moreover, it could become a nightmare to manage this type of portfolio.

How much do your trades make per month with standard margin?

Each month varies, but over the years our standard margin trades have averaged about 3% per 30 days of investing. However, we do not always invest 30 days of the month. Also, this is based on our paper trading, forward-test at MID prices and does not include commissions.

Do these trades make about as much as credit spreads?

Yes, they make a similar amount as credit spreads.

So what is the difference between your method and credit spreads?

Credit spreads are exposed to great risk at all times, but our trades are hedged. So, when the market crashes, put verticals can lose up to 100% and blow up an account, but our conservative trades typically will lose less than 3%. Our method is scalable because it’s safeguarded while credit spreads are not. Credit spreads are far more directional than ours too.

Can you make more using a Portfolio Margin account?

Yes. Using popular PM margins, our Trade Ideas average more than Standard Margin for a 30 day cycle, and the commission costs are lower too. Please see the Performance page to compare.

What is the POP of your Trade Ideas?

From 2014 to 2017 we have experienced a 98% win rate for the Trade Ideas service in approximately 200 trades.

How long does it take to learn your style of trading?

If you know the basics of options such as the Greeks, then you should be able to understand our system within a few weeks, and then we recommend that our clients paper trade for a while to hone their skills.

How much money do I need to trade your method?

We can create trades under $1,000 if needed. Just ask us how when you are part of the SJ Options course.

Which membership is right for me?

We have a few different memberships as follows:

  1. Portfolio Margin Account:  If you have a portfolio margin account, then you’ll want our Portfolio Margin Membership.  This will give you access to our PM trades, and we’ll also teach you about risk-based margins.
  2. Standard Margin:  If you have a standard margin account, then the Standard Margin Membership is best for you.
  3. Financial Advisor and Hedge Fund Training:  Financial Advisors should visit to learn more about our advisor training program.

How Long Has SJ Options Been In Business?
San Jose Options, Inc. has been has already celebrated 10 Years of Business! Morris Puma founded San Jose Options in 2006 when his efforts were originally dedicated to marketing other options mentoring programs and software. A short time after, the first San Jose Options Investore was opened to the public in San Jose, CA. In 2008 the company was incorporated, the mentoring program began and Max Safety, Max Reward option trading found its place and began to change the lives of option traders worldwide.
What Is Different About Your Options Course?
One thing that makes us stand far above the rest is our trading methods. At SJ Options you’ll find a new approach to options that is not taught anywhere else. We design trades around skews and take advantage of statistics as well as higher order Greeks. Our trading systems maximize many components of options trading that most traders do not even know exist. We trade on a much higher level that the average trader.
Youtube Is Free
Yes, you can learn option basics on Youtube, but you’ll find the education is very general, and it’s mostly used for advertising. Also, there is a lot of information on Youtube that leads traders into harm. We do what we can to warn people of the dangers of learning from that channel.
Do You Offer a Guarantee?
We offer a Guarantee. Read more here.
Do You Have Student References?
In the past we used to invite our potential clients to speak with our current students, but now that we’ve grown and gained popularity, we don’t bother our students with that task any further. We do, however, have a testimonial page with content written by our clients. Please take a moment to read what real people just like you have written about our course. We also have done interviews with some of our students which you can hear. To see our testimonials, please click here.
Do You Offer a Payment Plan?
Our course is designed to be affordable for the serious and sophisticated option trader who is ready to take advantage of what we have to offer. We do not have a payment plan since our product is digital and delivered in its entirety once payment is received.
Will I Be Successful?
Trading success depends on a lot more than a good trading system. The trader’s skillset, broker commissions / fills / margins all play a part of the trader’s success. Our goal is to help all traders achieve success, but we cannot guarantee it. There are too many things out of our control. We work very hard to design the best trading methods for our clients and to provide them with the best tools we can create. We do have some reports that show our clients in general are having success. We’d be happy to share some of those results with you in a live demo.
Do You Offer Group Discounts?
Yes, we offer group discounts. Please call for details.
I'm Married, Does My Spouse Have To Pay?
We do not charge extra for more than one person studying our course from the same home address. We do not however allow simultaneous logins from multiple IP addresses.
I'm a Novice. Can I Take Your Options Course?
Our course is rather advanced to be honest, but we do cover some of the basics. If you are just getting familiar with options, then you’ll probably want to read up on them first. We don’t publish materials that are free to read online or in books. We have had novices enter our course and begin to trade within a few months of time. If you work hard, then you can learn the options language too, but it will be a little difficult at first.
Mac or PC?
We recommend that you have a PC or Mac with 2 monitors. You will also need a head set / microphone to participate in class effectively. Our recorded videos play on most devices, but we do not give refunds for compatibility issues. Please see our Terms of Use.
What Are SJ Trade Ideas?
We are one of the few courses in the world that mentors our clients using a Trade Ideas service approach. We begin our trades and manage them with our software, OptionColors. All trades are archived for our clients to learn from.
Are Your Strategies Scalable?
Scalability is one of the strongest selling points of our strategies. Our strategies are scalable by structure, and our proprietary Greeks formulas, the Diggit™ and DV Ratio™ scale too, which allow our clients to easily manage larger amounts of capital.
Can I Combine Promotional Offers?
Promotional offers may not be combined. From time to time, we offer special promotions and discounts. Some of our advertisements may overlap by date, but we do not combine special offers. Each promotion is unique and may not be combined with another.