Frequently Asked Questions
How many trades do you manage at a time?

We usually have 4 to 7 Trade Ideas going at a time. Members will typically follow 2 or 3 of them.

Why don't you do more trades?

More than 2 trades turns into a full-time job to manage, and when the market becomes volatile, more trades can become impossible to manage.

How much do you invest into one trade?

Since our trades are well-hedged, we usually invest about 25% of our portfolio into a trade.

Do you teach OTM credit spreads and rely on probability?

No. Statistics show that these trades eventually lose 100% if not managed, so you cannot rely on the numbers. They add up to a negative return over time.

I've heard that some traders do many bull put spreads to diversify. Do you?

No. This is a setup for disaster. Once the market falls quickly, nearly all stocks correlate and every trade will lose at the same time if the trader is concentrated in bull put spreads.

How much do your trades make per month with standard margin?

Each month varies, but over the years our standard margin trades have averaged about 3% per 30 days of investing. However, we do not always invest 30 days of the month. Also, this is based on MID prices and does not include commissions.

So these trades make about as much as credit spreads?

Yes, they make a similar amount as credit spreads.

So what is the difference between your method and credit spreads?

Credit spreads are fully exposed to risk at all times, but our trades are hedged. So, when the market crashes, put verticals can lose up to 100% and blow up an account, but ours typically will lose less than 3%. Our method is scalable because it’s safeguarded while credit spreads are not. Credit spreads are far more directional than ours too. Advisors and hedge funds can use our methods because they are the safest and most thought-out strategies that can be used with options. Obviously, retail traders can use them too.

Can you make more using a Portfolio Margin account?

Yes. Using popular PM margins, our trades average 7% to 12% for a 30 day cycle. We do not typically advertise the returns are so high, but based on margin requirements, they are. Many of our PM clients make 50% a year or more.

When do the Trade Picks start?

We begin trades based on volatility skews most of the time, using our patent-pending software. We build trades at night using end of day pricing.

How do your clients follow the trades and make money on them?

After we begin a new trade pick, our clients receive a notice. Then, they wait to enter the trade at a good price. Often times, they enter our trades at better prices than we do. Once they are in the trade, they receive notices each time we make adjustments. We do our best to exit each trade with a profit.

How consistent are your trade picks?

We have not had a loss since we launched our pilot program at the beginning of 2014.

How long does it take to learn your style of trading?

If you know the basics of options such as the basic Greeks, then you can begin in just a matter of days. We provide a written manual, quizzes, videos, and then you can also watch us execute the methods by following our trade picks.

What products do you trade?

What products do you trade?

How much money do I need to trade your method?

If you use 5 point spreads on SPX, you can create trades under $1,000. You can also use millions since these methods are designed safely.

Which membership is right for me?

We have a few different memberships as follows:

  1. CPM Account:  If you have a portfolio margin account, then you’ll want our Portfolio Margin Membership.  This will give you access to our PM trades and we’ll also teach you about risk-based margins.
  2. Standard Margin:  If you have a standard margin account, then the Standard Margin Membership is best for you.
  3. Software & Live Classes:  In this course we only use strategies that you can use.  If you just want access to our software and live classes, then the starter package is perfect for this.
  4. Financial Advisor Training:  Financial Advisors should visit to learn more about our advisor training program.

How Long Has SJ Options Been In Business?
San Jose Options, Inc. has been has already celebrated 7 Years of Business! Morris Puma founded San Jose Options in 2006 when his efforts were originally dedicated to marketing other options mentoring programs and software. A short time after, the first San Jose Options Investore was opened to the public in San Jose, CA. In 2008 the company was incorporated, the mentoring program began and Max Safety, Max Reward option trading found its place and began to change the lives of option traders worldwide.
How Many Mentors Does SJ Options Have?
San Jose Options has 2 mentors, Morris Puma, the founder and CEO, and David Heinzen, pilot and 16-year veteran trader. The two of them working together have achieved a balance blending of breakthrough creativity and stable organization. To read more about our mentors, click here.
Do Your Mentors Trade Options?
Yes, Morris and David have been trading stocks for about 20 years now and options about 10. We are very proud to be real traders who practice the craft that we teach to others.
What Is Different About Your Options Course?
One thing that makes us stand far above the rest is our trading methods. While most courses teach strategies with a 90% probability of profit, the losses of their losers outweigh their winners 10:1. Have you ever heard of the credit spread trader who made money for 2 years straight and then lost it all back on one trade? At SJ Options you’ll find the same probabilities, but the risk to reward is also in our favor. Typically, our winners make double on average of our losers. The odds stack up much better with our trading methods. In addition, we back test our strategies thousands of times back office while others teach strategies that have barely been tested at all. It would take you 9 years working 8 hours per day to do as much testing as we have done for you.
Tasty Trade Is Free
Yes, you can learn option basics on Youtube, but you’ll find the education is very general, and they do not teach any specially effective strategy from beginning to end. Remember, that show was created as a marketing campaign to bring more customers into their brokerage because of the high churn rate they have. The broker doesn’t even include Vega in their risk array for Portfolio Margin accounts! Can you believe they use a Delta-only risk array on the most advanced trading accounts of all? Last we checked options trading had VOLATILITY RISK.
Do You Offer a Guarantee?
We offer a Guarantee. Read more here.
Do You Have Student References?
In the past we used to invite our potential clients to speak with our current students, but now that we’ve grown and gained popularity, we don’t bother our students with that task any further. We do, however, have a testimonial page which is 100% real, coming straight from our emails. Please take a moment and read what real people just like you have written to us about our course. We also have done interviews with some of our students which you can hear. To see our testimonials, please click here.
Do You Offer a Payment Plan?
Our course is designed to be affordable for the serious and sophisticated option trader who is ready to take advantage of what we have to offer. We do not have a payment plan since our product is digital and delivered in its entirety once payment is received.
The Famous Question… How Much Will I Make?
While most options courses will make you empty promises to get your business, we won’t. Instead, we will tell you how it is. If you want to have long-term success with option trading, then you must remove as much risk as possible from your portfolio. People are attracted to high-risk trades in hopes of making fast returns, but there is so much embedded risk in these trades, that any success experienced will always be short lived. Nearly all of the well-known option strategies are designed such that one bad trade will wipe out your entire account. After years of trading the industry standard strategies, we found it’s nearly impossible to sustain profits using them long-term. After all, the mainstream strategies stem from the brokers and market makers, who profit from the transactions and not by holding the trades for any length of time.

SJ Options Method™ is very different. With our innovative technique you’ll have a much better chance of removing the risk from each of your trades. We have developed a system to lock in profits as you go, and it’s unlike any of the standard trades out there. Over the years our Case Studies have done very well for our students. They have ranged from 30% all the way up to 60% in a year.

Please note: We can never guarantee returns since the market is dynamic.

Do You Offer Group Discounts?
Yes, we offer group discounts. Please call for details.
I'm Married, Does My Spouse Have To Pay?
We do not charge extra for more than one person studying our course from the same home address. We do not however allow simultaneous logins from multiple IP addresses.
I'm a Novice. Can I Take Your Options Course?
Our course is rather advanced to be honest, but we do cover the basics. If you are just getting familiar with options, then you’ll probably want to read up on them first. We don’t publish materials that are free to read online or in books. We have had novices enter our course and begin to trade within a few months of time. If you work hard, then you can learn the options language too, but it will be a little difficult at first.
Mac or PC?
We recommend that you have a PC or Mac with 2 monitors. You will also need a head set / microphone to participate in class effectively. Our recorded videos are in Flash, so for iPad and iPhones, they will not work unless Apple offers a plugin for Flash. Some students use a flash compatible browser to watch our videos on iPads/iPhones. We do not give refunds for compatibility issues. Please see our Terms of Use.
How Long Will It Take Me To Learn This?
Those of you that have already been trading options for years, can come into our course and grasp the SJ Options Method™ instantly and begin trading it in just days. Those of you who are new to options will have to first become comfortable with what options are, and after that you can move on to paper trading our strategies. It can take a few months to understand options because they appear very foreign at the beginning, but in our course you will learn extremely fast through our Trade Picks service.
What Are SJ Trade Ideas?
We are one of the few courses in the world that mentors our clients using a Trade Ideas service approach. We begin our trades and manage them with our software, OptionColors, live in class. We’ve already had 9 Successful Years of managing paper trades with our students. Those who have followed our trades have done very well in our course.
Do You Give Live Seminars?
Yes, at times we offer live seminars. Please see the website for dates and locations.
Are Your Strategies Scalable?
Scalability is one of the strongest selling points of our strategies. Our strategies are scalable by structure, and our proprietary Greeks formulas, the Diggit™ and DV Ratio™ scale too, which allow our clients to easily manage any amount of capital.
What Discounts Do Members Get On Seminars?
We may offer special pricing to our members for live seminars. As a member you will be notified about the promotions we are offering.
Can I Combine Promotional Offers?
Promotional offers may not be combined. From time to time, we offer special promotions and discounts. Some of our advertisements may overlap by date, but we do not combine special offers. Each promotion is unique and may not be combined with another.