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UP $16,000 ON $3,000 MARGIN The December 16 trade looks good, margin is only $7K and up $488, incredibly effective use of margin.  I ran the same December trade in August, and the trade is up $16,000 on $3K margin.

Mr Phan Reviews SJ Options

FIRST 6 TRADES ALL WINNERS On the trades I’ve closed out so far, I am 6-for-6 and have re-couped about half of the cost of the course so far in about 2 months with small trades.  Once I’ve officially covered the cost of the course (hopefully soon) I will let you know : )

Matt Reviews SJ Options

SPEECHLESS ON THE POWER OF YOUR TOOLS Hi Morris, I have spent 2 days watching the videos and using the software and must say I am speechless on the power of your tools!

SJ Options Review by Francois

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