Options Course Review by Joseph

Options Course Review by Joseph

I have invested/traded for ~15 years, and in that time I have tried many systems/indicators – even a 10k trading mentor for E-mini futures.  I had a service trading my account selling options.  All have been losers, some very large.

When I happened upon Morris of SJ Options / Option Colors I was interested but unsure.  I watched the videos and decided to join.  I had core method 1 at first and had some success, but I was busy and didn’t have time to continue with it seriously.

Later when I saw some of the updates / success that those using the Core V method were having, I decided to give it a try.  After training I did a couple of the trade ideas along with one of my own.  I immediately (within weeks) had positive results.

I am currently on my 10th trade in Core V, I think I have only closed out one with a small loss – and that was while I did have another trade on with very large profits.

I have made mistakes, and Morris has helped me to understand where I went wrong – but the trades then turned out successful.

I have over ~$200k in profits in the time I have traded this method.

I have a high degree of confidence and can sleep just fine as the positions have downside protection built in.

I am still no expert but have really enjoyed this method very much.  If Morris offered more training I would no doubt pay up for it!  I highly recommend the SJ Options methods and feel that Morris is above board in every way.
Joseph M.

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