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SJ Core III (Profit Over Bearish Moves)

“SJ CORE III, .38 SPECIAL TRADING SYSTEM” is the perfect choice for options traders interested in profiting from any ticker on a downtrend. This trading system was first designed by our company’s founder in 2009, and over the last decade it’s been refined many times to perfection. Starting in 2018 we began implementing this trading system when we saw bearish signs, and it pushed the SJ Trade Ideas returns to new highs while the major markets were all hitting lows of the year. SPX dropped 17% from October to December while RUT fell even further, roughly 27%. Meanwhile, CORE III was killing it, consistently profiting for SJ Options during the same time -what a contrast!

2019 could prove to be a bearish year, and Core III is the perfect strategy to approach the market decline with confidence. Includes a Learning Center with quizzes/videos, case studies, live classes and mentor support.

SJ Core II (Hedged Trading System)

“SJ CORE II, DIGGIT™ TRADING SYSTEM”, was launched in 2017, and it’s an extension of Core I. It has a new twist to it. This trading method has many design variations including ones that profit in either direction. It’s perfect for today’s markets, because after such a long bullish run, there will definitely be a serious pullback. When this happens, most stock and options traders will experience large drawdowns, but Core II traders should continue to profit. Core II is one of the best options trading systems ever developed by anyone, anywhere. If you want to be hedged in any direction, Core II is the trading system you want to find in your toolbox. Includes a Learning Center with quizzes/videos and over 33 case studies and growing, live classes and mentor support. (All winners).

SJ Core I (Profit Over Bullish Moves)

“SJ CORE I, DIGGIT™ TRADING SYSTEM”, has been time-tested from 2014 to 2019, for 6 years of non-stop trading, producing a 99% win-rate of about 200 total trades – some standard margin and other portfolio margin. Although perfect for bullish markets “SJ CORE I” can also profit in neutral markets and sometimes in bearish ones as well. This trading system comes with a Learning Center of videos, quizzes and also includes roughly 150 past trades to learn from, live classes and mentor support. There are over 200 videos in the collection as supplemental education.

Customize Your Membership

SJ Options can customize a membership for you. We offer a Trade Ideas service and three unique trading systems – larger discounts on 1 year or 2 year packages. We also have training for portfolio margin traders, hedge funds, financial advisors and prop traders.

SJ Options members also receive discounts on the industry’s leading volatility trading software, OptionColors™.

Please schedule a personal demo for more information about our customized training packages and special pricing.

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Each membership includes 12 months.  After the first year all memberships can continue for $42 per month, or FREE if subscribed to Trade Ideas service!

Get Access to the Best Online Resource Library on Options Strategies available anywhere. We constantly remove stale teachings and add new ones for you that are working right now. You only study the latest, cutting edge, most effective techniques we have... as we develop and continue to hone our Options Course, retaining the sharpest edge possible in today's dynamic market.

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1. Trade Ideas Service
2. Personal Mentoring with Morris
3. OptionColors™ Software (SJ Options Clients receive discount)

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