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Brief Summary & Membership Benefits

SJ Standard Membership (Includes 432 Videos)

“SJ Standard Membership” is all you need to become a successful retail trader for the rest of your trading career. Learn to manage standard margin and how to grow into portfolio margin in this program.

SJ Portfolio Margin Membership & SPAN (Includes 912 Videos)

We’ve been teaching clients how to trade customer portfolio margin (CPM) & SPAN longer than any other course in the world. Learn to stabilize margins while trading the TIMS Risk Model. Learn to benefit from the leverage, while maintaining safety at all times. With our CPM training, clients can reduce commissions by 90% as well.

SJ Plus Membership

Gain access to our world renowned Trade Ideas service along with live classes and additional trading strategies.


Each membership includes 12 months.  After the first year all memberships can continue for $42 per month.

Get Access to the Best Online Resource Library on Options Strategies available anywhere. We constantly remove stale teachings and add new ones for you that are working right now. You only study the latest, cutting edge, most effective techniques we have... as we develop and continue to hone our Options Course, retaining the sharpest edge possible in today's dynamic market.

Add-Ons Available

Customize Your Membership!

1. Trade Ideas Service
2. Personal Mentoring
3. OptionColors™ Software (SJ Options Clients receive discount)

Save from 15% to 25% with selected packages! Call for details. (800) 862-2503