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There are a lot of options trading courses out there, but trust us, we are not all the same. We are innovators, and we offer the only "trade idea" service that has produced a 99% win rate from 2014 to 2018.

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Morris combines visual design with options trading, making options' behavior more visible than ever before.

Morris' background in art and science, along with his love for options trading, has led to revolutionary tools for option traders - ones that help traders understand options deeper than ever before. Patent-pending inventions include Tsunami™ (Statistical Probability), Trade Assistant™, Perspective™ Charts, Up or Down™, Vega Multiplier System™, Diggit™, DVRatio™, OptionCharts™, Ticker Picker™, OptionColors™, Daily Insight™ and Snapback™. He selected 99% winning trades over a 3-year span (2014 - 2017) for his clients to profit from, and he was the first trader-instructor to bring higher order Greeks to the public eye.

Senior Developer, PhD


Alex is our senior web application developer and programmer.

Alex holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Systems Engineering, a Masters Degree in Computer Systems and Networks as well as a PhD in Information Security. He helps us assure that our web service is safe and secure while providing our clients with a cutting-edge online learning experience. Alex has been a very responsive and dependable asset to our company, and we’re really glad to have him as part of the San Jose Options team.

Director of Sales & Finance


John brings over 20 years experience in finance to SJ Options.

Result-oriented finance professional, over 20 years of corporate finance experience in real estate, mortgage, title and ancillary businesses. Additional industries are nation-wide in-house developer of lead generation software and manufacturing at university facilities management. A demonstrated track record of providing complex sales and financial modeling, understanding and development of key financial drivers, financial planning and analysis, contract negotiation and term execution and communicating results to support strategic business initiatives. Strategic business and individual customized and targeted solutions for retirement and exit planning.

Web Designer


Jeremy, recent college graduate and our newest member to the team, has been designing websites for the past 7 years.

What started as a hobby has grown into a full time position managing the design and layout of several highly profitable websites.