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There are a lot of options trading courses out there, but trust us, we are not all the same. Our methods produced handsome returns over the Covid market crash in 2020. Trade safer, trade smarter, with SJ Options.

our team


Morris Donnie
"The Envisionist"

Morris combines visual design with options trading, making options' behavior more visible than ever before.

Morris is a hedge fund manager, options strategist and creator of the volality-trading platform, OptionColors. His background in art and science, along with his love for options trading and competitive nature, has led to revolutionary tools for option traders. Patent-pending inventions include numerous statistical and volatility tools that enable traders to model positions in innovative ways. He was the first trader-instructor to bring higher order Greeks into the public eye.

Director of Sales & Marketing

Joy Miranda

Jenny Joy brings over 10 years of B2B sales and marketing experience to SJ Options.

Jenny Joy has contributed to the success of businesses within various tech industries including, semiconductor, biotech, automation, and now financial tech. She’s excited to use her expertise to develop and implement strategies that will elevate our clientele’s experience!