Another Successful SJ Options Trader

I cannot emphasize enough how profound was the impact of OptionColors on my perception of trading and my trading performance.

I have been trading for over 20 years now and, I can still recall how stunned I was when I first laid eyes on the software and its features. Suddenly, I understood that until then, I was driving like a blind man.

All that time, I thought that options trading had to be performed by gut feeling. I didn’t understand how in some cases I made money, while in others, I lost. I couldn’t keep my performance up and I felt that luck was managing my situation.

For the first time, I had scientific tools that gave me the correct reading on my position. I knew exactly what was my exposure to the market and how to react.

The methodology developed by SJ Options was brilliant. Now I can benefit from the natural behavior of options, instead of losing money unexplainably.

In the first ten months of trading, I had a return of 89%! percent after just four trades on my initial investment. The risk that I took for this return was minimal, only a fraction of my account.

Thank you for all your hard work, You have been an inspiration to me.

You changed my life.

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