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Iron Condor v Butterfly Spread

Iron Condor v Butterfly Spread A High Probability Iron Condor v. a Low Probability Butterfly In our last conversation we started to talk about the reality of option trading and the probability of various option spreads.  Today, we’ll look further into this topic by comparing a high-prob Condor trade with a low-prob Butterfly. Theoretical Probability […]

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Iron Condor and Butterfly Spread

Iron Condor and Butterfly Spread Thoughts Today will be discussing the difference between the Iron Condor and the Butterfly spread.  Although these two trades have very different titles, they both carry very similar risks and similar option Greeks characteristics.  In this article we will point out some interesting facts about the two popular option spreads. THE […]

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Broken Wing Butterflies – Recent Regulation Change

Recent Regulation Changes with Broken Wing Butterflies Broken Wing Butterflies have been around for quite some time but it’s never gained much popularity. It’s not such an abstract concept really. It’s simply a butterfly spread constructed of two verticals which are different widths. You can also construct a very similar trade by using the same […]

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