Investools Replacement


So, Investools was closed down by TD Ameritrade. Lots of people are complaining about being left out in the dark. Well, we are here to say, “Don’t worry because it’s truly a blessing for you.”

Investools Pricing, Off The Charts!
The TDA options mentoring program was one of the most expensive offered, totaling about $20,000 to attend their live seminars, a boot camp and access all of their programs. Investools referred to this coveted package as the PHD program.

Better Pricing
SJ Options offers trading systems which have been backward and forward tested for many years. Learn fast with us and for only a small fraction of the cost.

Chart Patterns
TDA taught their clients to trade by chart patterns. Statistically, chart patterns do not generally work. Their students believed and followed their advice, but was it ever really tested?

Chart Patterns Tested
We coded a script to backtest the accuracy of most popular chart patterns, and results demonstrated that most of them do not predict direction with any degree of accuracy. One pattern, the triple top, tested better than most, but it’s very rare, so it’s not so useful to active traders. The most common patterns proved to be unreliable.

Big Chart
Big Chart was neat idea, but the application is for equity traders, not options. For options trading that method presents additional risk. If a trader is constantly switching from ticker to ticker, they never master their products. Secondly, options are very complex. One cannot simply trade by price-action alone. Options involve volatility and Greeks.

3 Green Arrows, Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!
Yet another great advertising piece – enter a trade with 3 green arrows! Great marketing, but did it help traders make money? Again, designed for equity trading, not options.

Stop & Go™, Much Better
Our platform, OptionColors™, comprises patent-pending technology to give traders ideas related to entry and exit signals, which we call Stop & Go™. Our logic is designed specifically for options trading. It’s far more logical than the stock-related 3-green-arrow concept.

Investools Trading Strategies
They changed slightly over the years, but in general they taught long calls and puts, naked puts/covered calls, credit spreads, debits, butterflies and condors. When one is new to options, it’s easy to be convinced that these trades have “limited risk” and they are safe to trade. However, as one becomes schooled over time by faceless, better traders, one recognizes the risk exposure of these trading methods.

SJ Options Method™
Our approach has always been, “Max Safety, Max Reward.” In other words, we focus on safety first. Along with that, we study higher order Greeks, trade structure, statistics, machine learning and volatility. We do not use the traditional POP method, but we have achieved a 98% win rate for many years now. With us one discovers reduced risk and high probability, something hard to find these days.

That is where the money is at, but TDA did not teach it much. For us, however, volatility is our passion. We have numerous pending patents related to volatility.

Lack of Volatility Tools
Like most software, the TDA platform did not have any sophisticated volatility tools. A volatility rank on a ticker has been around for decades; that is nothing special. Without proper volatility analysis, an options trader will rarely find success.

Over Under™ Technology
OptionColors™ Over-Under™ technology shows option traders over and under valued options, which are invisible in other platforms. TDA tools never helped a trader locate which options to buy and sell because they never had the technology – it did not exist with Investools, nor TOS. OptionColors has it, and has had it for almost a decade already!

Investools website did not provide clients with proper backtesting tools. Sure, Thinkorswim has an antiquated one, but OptionColors has the fastest backtester in the world. Traders need to save time and get information instantly.

Portfolio Margin
PM can be fantastic, but one has to have the right tools and information, especially related to the risk models, to trade it. SJ Options is the premier program to learn how to trade PM.

Strategy Optimization
Investools software could not create an optimized options position for a trader. Their trades were built on poor technology. OptionColors uses highly sophisticated, patent-pending logic to build intelligent, optimized trades for option traders.

Higher Order Greeks
TDA did not provide higher order Greeks to traders. OptionColors provides all important higher order Greek charts to clients, helping them manage trades like true risk managers.

So if you lost your access to Investools and their toolbox, don’t worry. It wasn’t so great after all. SJ Options + OptionColors™ is a far better solution.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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