Investment and Option Trading Newsletters

Finding the Right Investment and Option Trading Newsletters

If you are looking to join an investment or option trading newsletter, you need to be able to distinguish a quality newsletter from a junk one. Unfortunately, there is no real way to find out unless you actually subscribe. Luckily, we are going to give you tips to identifying the right email newsletter for your investment needs.

Option Trading Newsletter

How You Know You Joined a Junk Newsletter

  1. You receive constant emails about purchasing opportunities in the “Hottest” stocks. Simply put, “Hot Stock” newsletters are all suspect. There are too many variables that question the sincerity of these newsletters. A better place to find tips would be from real traders that put their reputation on the line. StockTwits.com is an excellent source to finding passionate investors that put their money where their mouth is.
  2. Emails that have offers that sound too good to be true. If the offer sounds like a no brainer, make sure there is justification or explanations as to why the company is making the claim. A pitch without an explanation is simply a blank statement.
  3. Emails that only sell you investment products and provide little to no content.
  4. Emails that don’t give you the opportunity to reply back and engage with the sender. So if your newsletter says, “Buy FB because it’s about to launch into SPACE!!!” and you can’t reply back because it came from a “no-reply@” address, then you joined a SPAM newsletter.

These types of newsletters are simply bad. Many times, the company or stock being touted is already priced for failure. When the newsletter is released and novice traders rush in, the newsletter creators are generally dumping (selling off their positions).

If it’s a service or product being sold, just look at the scope of messages. Offers are fine, but if the offers constantly guarantee results time after time and provide no social proof or qualifying statements, then you have a decisions to make.

How You Know You Joined a Valuable Newsletter

  1. It should be FREE to sign up and have no major hoops to jump through other than the standard double opt-in procedure.
  2. The newsletter should have quality content that will actually teach you a thing or two about the topic at hand.
  3. The broadcasts need to be applicable and within reason. That means no promising of X results without the stipulations or qualifying statements.
  4. The newsletter needs to be able to invite interaction and engagement. When you are able to engage as a customer, the company will be able to find a solution that better fits your needs.
  5. A solid newsletter will provide “some” solutions to the issues you currently have for free.
  6. The newsletter is personable and easy to relate to. You should feel that you are genuinely being helped.
  7. The newsletter should provide some form of contact that allows you to inquire further. Look for a phone number or an invitation to engage beyond the scope of the email.

In the end, whether it’s a stock tip, investment service, or an options trading newsletter, make sure the list provides adequate learning-based content, has communication that is personable, and provides offers that address your exact needs. Remember, offers for products and services are NOT bad; they just need to be thoroughly explained to justify the claims being made.

We do offer a newsletter here at San Jose Options. We want to help as many investors as possible and our email list is our way of showing that we care about those investors. We put in the effort to provide free content, self-directed trader interviews, and special offers that are tailored for your needs.

On top of that, we use our list as an extension to invite further engagement. You can contact us directly and provide us with your option trading needs. You can access our option trading newsletter by clicking the previous link.

Hope you enjoy it and good luck trading.

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