Best Options Course

Best Options Course

Learn, for life, a very well developed system of trading. SJ Options is the best options course in the world.   Why, you may wonder?  Our trades are designed for remarkably low risk, compared to all others. Our configuration of risk to reward is superior. The probabilities are the highest you will ever find. Additionally, all of our trades are tracked and recorded for our clients.  We have developed a fully transparent system of trading, proven to work for long periods of time with minimum drawdowns.  Our trading approach could enhance and boost your trades, within days of learning.  Emerge as a sophisticated trader with our program. Fortunately, it is affordably priced for the serious trader.  A course investment can be regained in returns you realize, in a matter of months.  Portfolio margin members have earned their course investment within 6 months.

How We Validate Our Claim to Be The Best Options Course

In order to fairly evaluate our options course, we have to consider the following:

  1. Long term performance of options strategies
  2. Delivery of strategies to clients
  3. Mentoring and support provided
  4. Price
Long Term Performance

Our strategies have been formulated through years of research, live trading, and extensive software development to back test the formulas thoroughly.  Although we’ve proven our methods have worked consistently since 2008, in 2014 we elevated our performance to the highest levels with the breakthroughs we made in our options trading platform.  Using patent-pending algorithms, we were able to increase returns and probabilities of our methods, to the point of not experiencing a single loss for the entire year of 2014 of over 30 closed trades, and since we back tested our methods for so many years, we are confident they will continue to perform at such a high level.  Our methods work so well because we have developed a very deep understanding of options over the years, including knowledge of how to implement second order Greeks into our trades.  No other options course in the world even understands these higher order Greeks.  This became transparent when Tasty Trade’s Tom Sosnoff commented in a video, “If we had to know these Greeks, we would have never passed the options test.”

Deliver of Strategies to Clients

We provide written instructions accompanied with videos to explain the manual in great detail.  In addition to this, we also trade our methods to demonstrate exactly how it all comes together in a trading account.  Our videos are HD quality and can be watched efficiently, much better than Webex formatted videos.  We take great care to provide our customers with a high quality learning website.  When experienced option traders take our course, they learn our methods within days and begin to trade them almost immediately.  This is a huge advantage over other courses such as Investools or Sheridan Mentoring, where they teach too many strategies, which end up confusing the students.  While a complete education is great, we find that it’s more effective to train our clients on one method that works and not to confuse them with too many strategies that do not.  In fact, as a former member of both Sheridan Mentoring and Investools, I can tell you that I do not use a single strategy I learned in those programs.  Neither of those courses provided me with a consistent and safe way to make money with options, neither do they teach you anything about second order Greeks.

Mentor and Support Provided

SJ Options provides the best support we can.  Our clients can send voice messages back and forth with mentors via our website.  This makes the support the best it can be.  Also, our clients can easily send trades, which include all trade history, to our mentors with just a click of the mouse.  This makes it very simple for our mentors to review and comment on trades.  We do our best to answer all support within 24 hours as well.  When I was at Investors, they had no such support.  It was not easy at all to contact a mentor and there was no way for them to review any trade, and for Sheridan, it’s pretty much impossible to reach him.


Considering Investools is $20,000 and many other courses are $6,000 and up, our options course is very competitively priced.  To me it’s the best value on the market because we have the best strategies, and you can’t put a price on options strategies that work.  For example, at both Investools and Sheridan mentoring, you’ll learn strategies of such high risk that drawdowns can be substantial, up to 100% on a trade if you miss a few adjustments or do not look at it for a few days.  All of their strategies are fully exposed to a flash crash too.  Any instantaneous 10% drop will wipe you out.  Although those courses tout they are the best, they are not.  Just look around the net and you will see most of their clients never become profitable traders.  As stated, I took both of those programs a decade ago, and I do not use a single method I learned from either course.

Considering our strategies perform year after year and we are fully transparent about the formulas and performance with our clients, our price is extremely well-valued.  For only $2999 you can gain access to profitable and executable trading system, plus mentoring support for 12 months.  You can message back and forth directly with our mentors, who really trade.  Most courses our taught be educators, not by traders.  You also get access to HD Quality movies instead of Webex videos, which are slow to navigate at best.  You also gain access to rules that will change your trading instantly instead of studying for 2 full years and finding out what you just learned doesn’t work.

SJ Options is the best options course in the world hands down.

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