Bearish Options Strategies



We do not see bearish markets too often, but when we do, we have to be fully prepared to:

  1. Protect our capital.
  2. Profit from market declines.
More often than not, traders are not ready for bearish markets, so when they suddenly appear, they experience irreversible damages to their accounts. As an options trader, you cannot ever let this happen to you.

SJ Options has been studying bearish trading methods for a decade already. You can learn from our years of research & development in only a few hours. Let me tell you a little bit about what we’ve developed.

  • Our bearish methods comprise positive vega and vomma to profit from an increase in volatility.  This is a very important concept to understand.  In a nutshell, while short strangles, naked puts, put ratios and put vertical credit spreads get hammered, our methods make a handsome return.
  • Our bearish methods rarely lose anything if the market decides to go up.  This means we can trade a bearish market with very little risk, while most traders are risking large chunks of their portfolios at all times, holding their breath and praying for it to end.
  • Our bearish methods have been tested for many years already.  We’ve already refined them many of times to nearly perfection, which saves you years of work.
As my best friends says, “Time is money!” SJ Options can save you a decade of TIME, and most likely you’ll never arrive at what we offer even if you spend the next 10 years of your life trying. Let us teach you how it’s done in hours. We’ll make it painless, fast and highly beneficial. Next time around, profit from the bearish market. Don’t let it get the best of you. Thanks for reading and good luck trading.

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