The SJ Options Trading System

Recent Discoveries : Super Low-Risk Insurance

At SJ Options we’ve developed a new options trading system which is frankly, in just a couple of words “simply amazing!” What we’ve done is discovered a way you can trade with super low-risk insurance. In a normal situation, insurance strategies lose money each month and eat up your profits, but we’ve designed a way around this problem! The insurance we use to protect our trades costs virtually nothing if you don’t use it.

A Real-life Trading Example

Let’s say you want to trade an Iron Condor, but you want to do this with insurance to the upside and to the downside. Well, 99.99% of all option traders only know how to design a trade where the insurance will eat up most of the profits if the Iron Condor is profitable. With our newly designed Super Low-Risk Insurance Method, we can trade the Iron Condor with surrounding insurance plays which do not take away from the Condor profits. In fact, many of the insurance plays will also make money while simultaneously adding insurance to the position!

Strategy Feedback

Student feedback on this new strategy has been more than awesome, and I am loving it myself. In all my years in options education as a former student and now as a mentor, I have never seen or heard of this amazing technique. Students are saying that we are the first in the world to develop this strategy. They could be right, but all I know is that our new Super Low-Risk Insurance Strategy is the best thing I have ever seen when it comes to trading options.

What This Is Not

This is not just simply putting an option spread such as a Calendar or Butterfly to the upside and downside of our trades. That style of trading is what ordinary traders do. That type of protection takes away most of the profit you can ever make at the money.

The brilliance of our Risk- Free Insurance concept is that it’s just that: Risk-Free Insurance! Our option trading system blows all others away because of this. You get protection, but this protection does not cut into your profits on ATM income strategies. It’s genius. It’s truly an award-winning option strategy.

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