SJ Options Review by Guy


I am a member of SJ Options and very happy with the service. I have been looking for a great options program for a long time and I think this is it.

As background I have been trading a 6 figure option account for about 5 years.  I am early-retired so have the time and energy to watch/study the markets.  I have spent significant $$$’s for on-line education and services, probably in excess of $10k per year — but am too embarrassed to figure out the real numbers and the total.  I’ve been through Simpler Options, SimpleOptions, TheoTrade, OptionAlpha (which I still really like), OptionBox, OptionGenius, tastytrade (which I also like) and many more that I have forgotten or am trying to forget.  I had some early success (probably market related!), but it has been tougher over the past few years.

The usual pattern for theses services is that they offer you stock picks in the midst of some training and education.  Every one of them seems to fall short vs the target returns they promise — usually because the trades really aren’t that good, they consistently get better fills than I can, or the head trader is so skilled and has some internal genius that I can’t replicate (John Carter and the tt guys are this.)

I have never found a way through one of these services to trade that has a style I could learn and replicate, that seems capable of making money consistently, that works well in all markets, and that doesn’t force me to stare at the screen all day and night waiting for the next move, and I need to keep my blood pressure down!!!

Until I stumbled across San Jose Options and Morris Puma and his small gang

Morris has developed a way of options trading that meet all my criteria.   I could learn the system, it makes money consistently, and doesn’t require tons of management time.

For me, it has been great.  I bought an expensive 2-year package deal, but made that back within the first real-time month on my account size.  I know now I can trade this system for a long time.  I UNDERSTAND how it makes money and can replicate it on most any stock/ETF/index with large open interest.  I see how I can make more money, on fewer positions with less risk than I have before. Best of all — better sleep and lower blood pressure!

Yes, there are some “unique” things about SJO.  You have to sign an NDA.  You won’t get amazing customer service for all your questions.  The training materials can be challenging and aren’t as neatly prepared and packaged as other companies.  Some of the software can be cumbersome — but very unique and helpful.  Using and translating the system into your preferred trading platform WILL be difficult.  This, in many ways, is just a startup company — small staff, limited resources, “unusualness” like the NDA.  Don’t expect the hand-holding and active forums you get with a larger organization.  This company’s expertise is not marketing, but a unique style of trading.

A few comments on Morris… I think he is something of a trading savant, creative and brilliant.  There are people out there who might trade the way he does, but I am certain they don’t understand it the way he does.  He is not the best communicator, not the best trainer, so sometimes it is difficult to “get” what he is explaining in his materials and videos, but patience is a virtue, and you will “get” it, and regarding his track record of something like 149 out of 150 winners over the last 4-5 years (or whatever he claims), absolutely true.  No gimmicks, and, as a member, you can look and learn from every one of them — day by day, adjustment by adjustment with Morris’ comments.  No one else provides similar historical trade perspective.

So, if you want to learn a trading system that you can use and have confidence in, take the SJO demo and see what you think.

Last comment. Again, I am not a shill for SJO.  Consider this a piece of mentoring and my “paying it forward.”  When some traders find something that works, they tend to protect and hide it…as if somehow sharing will hurt their profitability.  I’m not worried about that anymore.

I’ll answer questions about my experience, but not about the trading style.  Remember…I signed that NDA!!!


– Guy


Thanks, Guy.  I appreciate the time you spent to write that.  I wanted to explain to the public that we use an NDA to protect both us and our clients.  We must use one because our clients gain access to very valuable and unique information.  In fact, if you join a mentoring program that does not use an NDA, then they are providing information to people that holds no value.

We have worked many years on the development of our trading systems – investing our time and money into them.  It was not easy to figure out how to trade volatility effectively, and since there is no education on higher order Greeks, we also paved our own way to utilize them properly.  We have accomplished something most option traders never achieve in a lifetime.  We have completed a 4-year forward-test of our Core I trading system with a 100% win rate, and that includes over 100 trades.  Our hedged trading system, with 62 trades, experienced a 93.5% win rate with 58 winners.  We just began to test another new system, Core II, which has started off with 8 consecutive winners.  In all we have completed 176 winners of 180 trades over a 4 year span.  These are paper trades; however, I could not have experienced the same results using other strategies.

There are many crucial aspects of options trading that we have discovered on our own over the years that most of the industry is not aware of, and due to the success we have experienced from our hard work and discoveries, we use the NDA.

Additionally, our clients prefer to use the NDA because it preserves the effectiveness of our trading formulas.  Again, if someone is charging you a fee for an unprotected trading method, you might want to think twice before making the purchase.  All reputable companies who share confidential information use an NDA.

Thanks again Guy!




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