All Time Highs Again


Off To A Great Start!  Now 46 for 46 for 2018!  We Just Reached Another All-Time High!



As of June 3, 2018 the SJ Options “Trade Ideas” Service is at all-time highs again.  The total P/L of all unrealized and realized gains from 2014 – today is $264,883.  The % gain is on the Trade Ideas page found here: Track Record



The SJ Options’ motto has always been, “Max Safety, Max Reward” since our company’s launch back in 2008.  Over our ten-year journey we’ve stayed on this same path – to develop a method of trading options while minimizing risk as much as possible.  Although there is always room for improvement, we’ve demonstrated our ability to design trades that exemplify our tagline over a long duration of time.


235 FOR 239 (98% win rate over a 4 year span and losses were about 1% each.)

June 2018 was another great month for us.  We just started our Hedge Fund Trade Ideas and they are up 506% on the first 7 trades based on standard TIMS portfolio margins.  The returns are high since margins are so low.

Since 2014 our Trade Ideas service, we have been proving our methodology works long-term.  You don’t have to take on a lot of risk to trade successfully.  Many traders trade way out of control.  We don’t teach that way.  It’s not our thing.



Now is your chance to save time and money.  If you make a mistake trading options, you can lose thousands in only seconds.  If you have a large account, you can lose hundreds of thousands.  Don’t fool around with options.  Make sure your method is safe and sound.



It’s always fun to guess and see if we are right, but it really doesn’t matter.  If you have a sound trading method, then you’ll be ok when the market does finally crash.  You’ll even make a profit.

Don’t fear bearish markets.  Profit from them with confidence.  Learn at SJOptions.com.  You’ll be glad you did.

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