Adaptable, Dual Vega Makes This Trade Solid

About Dual Vega

Is it possible for one option spread to behave as both a Positive Vega position and Negative Vega at the same time? Most option traders will tell you “No, that is impossible!” We’d be surprised if 1 out of a thousand option traders could show you how to architect an option spread that can benefit from any directional move in volatility. Well, this concept is second nature to us. This is how we typically trade.

Trading Volatility – The Common Approach

Most option traders, including those who consider themselves advanced, attempt to manage Vega by constructing multiple spreads of both Negative and Positive Vega in order to create a portfolio with a neutral Vega position. This approach is old-school and doesn’t work well in today’s volatile markets. As one spread makes money, its complementary spread loses. You end up with a hodgepodge of strikes in a messy portfolio that is a pain to manage – at best.

SJ Options Has A Better Solution

We have solved the ancient problem of managing Vega. Our BRIC™ option trading strategy acts as both Negative and Positive Vega at the same time. This is a trade that makes money when IV drops and makes even more when it rises. Trading our BRIC™ you can be rest assured that your portfolio is safe against sudden crashes in the market, and you’ll still be able to shoot for that 5 to 10% a month that most income option traders hope to achieve.

Our Strategies Make Even the Novice Look Like Pros

While other traders are struggling with volatility swings for years and years, our Ultimate students can learn this technique in a matter of days and become expert option traders. Why waste any more time with your current strategies that have you trading at the mercy of market volatility fluctuations? We can instantly correct what you are doing wrong. Don’t let the next market melt-down steal your wallet. Profit from it. Give us a call so we can help you now, before it’s too late…

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