Top 6 Countries for Day Traders

[INVESTMENT INFOGRAPHIC] – Day Trading and Location Independence

Day Trading Countries - SJO
If you’re looking to live a digital nomadic lifestyle with Day Trading as a source of income, look into these 6 countries. We have sorted and filtered through all of the options and only these 6 global destinations met our criteria.

There are four factors that we looked at: Quality of Life, Visa Accessibility, Cost of Living, and Taxes.

Here are 2 examples of how we analyzed the countries:

Example 1

It doesn’t make sense to day trade in a country like Monaco for an extended amount of time even though there is no personal income tax on individuals and it’s relatively easy to obtain a visa. The cost of living there is simply too high compared to other options around the world.

Example 2

There are some countries that have the cheapest cost of living, low barriers to obtain a visa, and have little to no taxes on funds earned. However, the quality of life didn’t align well with our criteria. To each his own, but access to quality health care, basic entertainment needs, convenient transportation, and a thriving cultured community is equally as important to us.

If you’re looking to hopscotch around the world and plan on staying at each country for 3 months to a year, these are your 6 destinations. This also applies to options traders, small business owners, virtual CEOs, and any other profession that allows location independence.

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