Why SJ Options Instead of Others

Why SJ Options Instead of Others

We know there are many options when it comes to options trading education. However, we are not all the same. SJ Options concentrates on developing options strategies with the highest probabilities and the least risk possible.

Higher Success Rate

In 2014, we completed 34 straight winners, totaling 204%.  Our students were able to follow along with these trades.  Due to our high success rate and since we allow our students to follow our trades, our clients have a higher success rate.

Academic studies show that option traders lose 4.5% per month on average.  Our clients beat these statistics by design of our methods and teaching form.

Learn Faster

In most courses the options education is very general.  They will teach you option basics, Greeks and some strategies.  However, most course will not spell out a trading formula for you that works.  You can literally spend years of your life studying with other courses and never make money.  We have many students come into our course that have traded for 20 years and who have taken multiple courses before ours, never finding a winning method.  You don’t need to waste upwards of $20,000 on your options education and lose so many years of your life.  Years lost is money lost as well as time that you can never get back.

In our program we provide you with exact written rules – a blue print of how to trade.  We take all the guess work out of your trading, making it very systematic for you.  Simply by following our rules, you can succeed.  You’ll learn to trade without emotion getting in the way, and you won’t ever need to gamble again.

Safer Strategies

Other options courses will teach you Iron Condors, Credit Spreads, Naked Puts, Covered Calls, Double Diagonals and Calendar Spreads.  All of these strategies can lose up to 80% during a flash crash.  They have too much embedded risk in them, so at all times, your account is totally exposed.

Our strategies are stress tested against a flash crash scenario.  In most cases our methods have less than 10% exposure, but usually it’s much less than that.  Our average losses tend to be around 3%, but they don’t occur very often.

Scalable Methods

Other courses teach strategies that are not scalable since they embed too much risk.  Our strategies, much safer, are scalable to hundreds of millions of dollars.  Advisors and hedge funds come to us because of the safer trade structure involved with our trades.

Deeper Education

We are the course that brought higher order Greeks to this industry.  Other companies have followed in our foot steps, but we are the pioneers.  We brought dynamic hedging, delta vega hedging, and much more to the public eye where such advanced concepts were only studied previously by mathematicians that do not trade options.  Only in our course will you learn how to implement higher order Greeks and deep, scientific methods into your trading.

Better Tools

Since we have such a profound understanding of options, we’ve been able to develop the most innovative, sophisticated options trading software available today.  Our options trading platform revolutionizes options trading, feature rich of patent pending applications.  With our software, you can see opportunities you never knew existed.

It’s All Done For You Through Our Trade Picks Service

For our clients we offer a Trade Picks Service.  Basically, you just follow our trades and adjustments to learn from until you are ready to trade on your own.  We make it extremely simple for our clients.  This is a limited time offer only.

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