Options Trading Training

Options Trading Training

Let’s talk about your options to get options trading training.  There are so many approaches one can take to learn how to trade options, so how do you know what the best choice is?  The obvious options are to either try to learn from books and free online options trading training videos, etc. and see if you can put it all together, or the second option is to learn from a mentor, who has already spent years and thousands of hours to develop a successful trading system.

Option 1: For The Do It Yourselfer

Growing up I used to do as much as I possibly could on my own to save money, and heck, I’m good with my hands, so I had fun taking care of things on my own instead of paying professionals to do them.  I used to change my own car oil, my brakes, I even rebuilt an entire engine once with my uncle.  One time my brother did some work on my car, and he forgot to replace the engine oil.  I drove off and the engine fried on the freeway.  This effort to save a few bucks cost me thousands…. no regrets, we were young; it’s a memory I look back to and laugh.

What’s your time worth?  How hard are you willing to work to design a trading system that works?  How much options trading training have you had so far?  Do you know enough to even develop a trading system?  Literally, it can take years to even understand options well enough to begin to develop a profitable trading system.  If your time is worth something, then consider the hours involved, plus additional expenses it will require to learn how to trade successfully on your own.

In most cases you’ll be looking at minimum of buying historical data (spending thousands), developing back testing software (tens of thousands) and spending years of your time to figure out how to write algorithms to test.  The do-it-yourselfer is looking at a minimum of 1 to 2 years of time, thousands of hours of study and practice, and tens of thousands in expenses to develop applications to back test.  If you include your personal time, expenses can easily amount to $100,000 to develop a profitable trading system, and there is no guarantee you will ever figure one out.  The fact is most traders never do.  Many spend two decades of their lives and never arrive to any profitable solution.

Option 2: Buy a License to a Profitable System

A faster and more economical way to achieve your options trading success could be as simple as buying a license to access a formula that is already developed.  Some companies and individuals, such as San Jose Options, can provide you with a fully tested system immediately.  This option saves you tens of thousands of dollars and many years of your life.  It can provide  you with a way to instantly have success with options trading.

Licensing is clearly the way to go when it comes to options trading training, but how do you decide where to get your winning algorithm?

You’ll definitely have to do your due diligence.  There are many people online advertising options trading systems, and the truth is, many of them are not fully tested.

At San Jose Options you can be assured to get a formula that works.  All of our trades are recorded, so once you purchase a license to our formulas, you can fully audit the past performance through our archives.  We are fully transparent.  In addition, we continue to trade our system and demonstrate that it works year after year.

It’s Your Choice

So, there are your choices.  Weigh them carefully.  It should be clear that licensing is the way to go, but you have to make sure you are getting what is advertised.  Make sure the performance of what you buy is audit-able.  If not, you probably are not getting what you think you are.

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